Use Employee Self-Service Web Requests to Make the Most of Your Employee Interaction Center

  • by Chandan Gopalani, Managing Partner, EIC Experts
  • Jarret Pazahanick, Managing Partner, EIC Experts
  • September 28, 2011
Learn how to create employee self-service Web requests and maximize the benefits within the Employee Interaction Center.
Key Concept
The Employee Interaction Center (EIC) is a centralized call center application that is part of SAP’s shared-services offering. The SAP system delivers multiple types of communication channels and employees can contact the EIC by phone, email, chat, or Web request.

The Employee Interaction Center (EIC) Web request allows employees to directly send questions and requests from standard Web applications to the EIC call center agents. It is part of the standard EIC offering.

The SAP system offers out-of-the box integration between the EIC and existing portal roles through self-services. When an employee requires support for a particular self-service application, the employee can contact the EIC service desk directly from the employee self-service (ESS) or manager self-service (MSS) application using a Web request link. The Web request link opens an interactive Adobe PDF form. The employee can fill out the relevant request information in the form and submit it. An automatic workflow is then generated and routed into the EIC agent inbox, and the agent can process the Web request and convert the request into an EIC activity.

The screenprints in this article are from an SAP ERP 6.0 system of the EIC application running on enhancement package 4. To use the functionality discussed in this article you must be on enhancement package 4 or higher, have enabled the EIC application switches HCM_EIC_CI_1 and HCM_EIC_CI_2, and installed the Adobe Document Services (ADS) Server for rendering PDF forms from SAP.

Chandan Gopalani

Chandan Gopalani is a senior SAP HCM technical consultant with over 18 years of experience working on SAP projects across various industries and clients since 1995. He is co-founder of EIC Experts and specializes in Organization Management, Employee Interaction Center (EIC), US Payroll, Enterprise Compensation Management, ESS/MSS, Personnel Administration, Benefits, CATS, Finance, and Sales & Distribution. He is ABAP certified and ASAP certified, as well the author of several HR Expert article. He is currently working as an ECM consultant for a Fortune 50 client.

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Jarret Pazahanick

Jarret Pazahanick is an SAP Mentor, Human Capital Management (HCM) Certified Consultant, and Managing Partner of EIC Experts who has specialized in SAP HCM since 1998. He is a subject matter expert in US Payroll, Employee Interaction Center (EIC), and Enterprise Compensation Management (ECM). Over the past 14 years, Jarret has completed 20 high profile, full life cycle SAP HCM implementations for global Fortune 1000 companies. He is SAP HCM certified and ASAP certified; author for HR Expert, CloudAve, and ASUG News; and a moderator, blogger, and gold-level contributor on the SAP Community Network.

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4/10/2013 9:00:48 AM
Jarrret Pazahanick

Hi Anpan,

We have installed this functionality at multiple clients and the article is complete so my guess is you do not have the underly Employee Interaction Centre fully configured correctly as that is a prerequisite of this functionality working. Have you set up the full case management, inbound email, and activated ALL the correct business functions? Each HR expert article is reviewed and checked by a technical advisor and editor and is not always stand-alone given the complexity and breadth of many of the areas within SAP HR.

Good luck.

4/10/2013 8:56:14 AM

I send a question to Jarret about this article in HR Experts. We have a dialog on this issue. I don't think this article is complete. The article is about a form which is used for EIC in ESS. To create an EIC issue through ESS we could use the form what the article says. But there is no send/submit button the form. How could a user create an activity when there is any send/submit button in the form? Hope I will get an answer on this issue.
4/9/2013 2:13:25 AM

Very good article.
We cound not find the send/submit button on the form. Any thing wrong on this?
Br, Anpan

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