Use Estimation and Planning to Make the Difference in SAP ERP HCM Implementations

  • by Don McCurdy, Senior Manager, Accenture
  • October 15, 2012
Use these best practices and two matrixes developed from years of experience to make decisions about your SAP ERP HCM projects.
Key Concept

An estimation process includes isolating the factors that determine the set of days required to implement a project. The primary factors considered in the estimation process include the SAP ERP HCM modules, the business process scope, the inclusion of change management and training, the number of customizations required, project duration, country scope, and the number of end users.

SAP ERP HCM implementation projects often are not estimated and planned correctly from the outset. If you don’t cover several key areas at the beginning, you may find yourself unable to deliver what is required. The purpose of this article is to provide a complete solution plan for SAP ERP HCM projects. The key elements of a successful solution plan include a release plan, a process scope, the total number of customizations required to meet the business and technical requirements of the solution, a detailed staffing plan, and the overall price for your solution. Understanding and determining these elements early on helps stakeholders create a plan for a successful SAP ERP HCM implementation.

In the manufacturing world, for example, knowing where inventory lies, what the product numbers are, and what the sales channels are is a relatively straightforward concept. However, in the world of SAP ERP HCM, each person has a unique set of characteristics. Life events change the way companies provide benefits (e.g., married versus unmarried, children versus childless, and so on). Work events change the way companies pay or provide certain compensation. The point is that teams must factor in these variables when implementing SAP ERP HCM from the outset, and consider all the variations at the personnel level that are required to make an organization operate.

As part of the estimation process here are the six major areas that need to be thought through and discussed when preparing for a project, whether it be an implementation, upgrade, or addition of new HR functionality such as employee or manager self-services.

  1. Get your solution plan right — taking into account business factors — in the beginning
  2. Create a roadmap — decide which modules to start with
  3. Determine what factors affect the estimation of the implementation project (complexity matrix)
  4. Create a resource plan
  5. Determine how to blend all these factors in with an existing, larger SAP program
  6. A sample list of implementation dos and don’ts (implementation best practices)

I will discuss each of these steps in detail.

Don McCurdy

Don McCurdy is a graduate of DePaul University and has worked at Accenture for more than 11 years. During his time there he has done many large, full-scale HR implementations, including all elements of the SAP ERP HCM suite of tools.

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