Use SAP Learning Solution to Manage Your Extended Learning Community

  • by Thomas Jenewein, SAP Education
  • April 12, 2012
SAP provides a major extension for the SAP Learning Solution that enables companies to offer learning for external employees or groups such as suppliers, partners, or customers. See the business background, the usage scenarios in different industries, and the key features in detail, as well as the technical architecture and prerequisites.
Key Concept

With the introduction of SAP Learning Solution, option for the extended learning community, a solution-extension for SAP Learning Solution and Enterprise Learning, SAP offers an end-to-end solution for the extended enterprise learning segment. Some companies use this solution to sell training, while others use it to ensure a consistent qualification and enablement of their supply chain members to minimize risks, or to enable the best possible service.

Over the past several years, organizations have increasingly focused on optimizing their value and supply chains for their customers who are demanding better and more efficient service. Many companies have also strengthened their relationships within their stakeholder network with suppliers, contractors, partners, or dealers (e.g., the just-in-time manufacturing model) and, ultimately, with customers. Organizations are also becoming increasingly borderless through flexible working models, joint ventures, and outsourcing, which means that within an organization there are more external employees (i.e., contract or offsite employees).  

SAP supports this focus on learning management for the extended enterprise with an extension of its SAP Learning Solution environment: SAP Learning Solution, option for the extended learning community.

This can be used for:

  • Maintaining a consistent qualification of supply chain members to minimize risks and ensure legal compliance with training requirements.
  • Enabling external target groups to ensure they deliver the best possible service or product maintenance.
  • Selling training to increase revenue and profitability.  
  • Speeding up knowledge transfer about new or changed products and services to their channel partners and end customers.

Thomas Jenewein

Thomas Jenewein is in charge of business development and solution management at SAP Education. Before this role, he led an SAP internal learning and development team responsible for strategic learning programs and new media. He studied organizational psychology in Mannheim, Germany, and San Diego, California, and is passionate about learning management, new media, knowledge management, and people development. You may contact Thomas via LinkedIn or via his Twitter Account.

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