Use Standard Email Response Templates in the Employee Interaction Center

  • by Chandan Gopalani, Managing Partner, EIC Experts
  • Jarret Pazahanick, Managing Partner, EIC Experts
  • July 27, 2010
Learn the key features of the standard email response templates contained in the Employee Interaction Center (EIC) and see how to set up new templates. These standard response templates allow the EIC call center agents to provide consistent and reliable responses to employee queries.
Key Concept
The Employee Interaction Center (EIC) is a centralized call center application that is part of SAP’s shared services offering. It delivers employee information to your contact center agents and empowers them to capture the details of an interaction with an employee. One of the features of EIC is to enable agents to have email correspondence with employees or external contacts. The agent can select a standard response template from a list of available standard responses and use that as a template for a new email.

Standard email response templates are a fast and convenient tool that allows shared service centers to set up consistent and reusable templates. This results in employee communications that are fast, accurate, and reliable, and leads to the overall success of the shared services organization.

Chandan Gopalani

Chandan Gopalani is a senior SAP HCM technical consultant with over 18 years of experience working on SAP projects across various industries and clients since 1995. He is co-founder of EIC Experts and specializes in Organization Management, Employee Interaction Center (EIC), US Payroll, Enterprise Compensation Management, ESS/MSS, Personnel Administration, Benefits, CATS, Finance, and Sales & Distribution. He is ABAP certified and ASAP certified, as well the author of several HR Expert article. He is currently working as an ECM consultant for a Fortune 50 client.

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Jarret Pazahanick

Jarret Pazahanick is an SAP Mentor, Human Capital Management (HCM) Certified Consultant, and Managing Partner of EIC Experts who has specialized in SAP HCM since 1998. He is a subject matter expert in US Payroll, Employee Interaction Center (EIC), and Enterprise Compensation Management (ECM). Over the past 14 years, Jarret has completed 20 high profile, full life cycle SAP HCM implementations for global Fortune 1000 companies. He is SAP HCM certified and ASAP certified; author for HR Expert, CloudAve, and ASUG News; and a moderator, blogger, and gold-level contributor on the SAP Community Network.

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