Validate School Data Entry for Education Infotype 0022

  • by James McCallum, Senior Technical Consultant, SAP Americas, Inc.
  • August 15, 2006
Your SAP system does not provide a drop-down list of schools in the education infotype (0022) to facilitate and validate data entry. I’ll explain how to do just that.
Key Concept
The education infotype (0022) allows you to store education and training information about your company’s employees or applicants. This infotype has no minimum system requirements. Besides the name of the school the employee attended, you also can store the start and end dates of the training, the type of school, and the type of degree earned.

Education infotype 0022 is a free-form, non-validated, data entry catch-all with limited reporting usefulness. I will show you how to cheaply and easily turn it into a solid, controlled-entry tool for analysis and reporting courtesy of the United States government.

As delivered, the infotype screen control table T588M assigns screen 2000 as the main data entry screen for education infotype 0022 for customers in the US (Figure 1). During infotype data maintenance via transaction PA30, feature P0022 returns value 10 (US MOLGA, or country grouping, value). The system uses this value to determine the screen setting in table T588M. Screen 2000 looks fine at first, but you’ll soon discover that you can enter anything into its fields. It does not have data entry validation or any controlled drop-down list of institutions of higher education from which to choose when entering values for the institute/location field INSTI.

James McCallum

Jim McCallum is a senior technical consultant with SAP Americas who has specialized in HR ABAP since 1995. He has given many technical presentations on HR ABAP, ABAP Controls, and ABAP Objects on the local and national levels, including the HR 2004 and HR 2005 conferences.

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