Which of These 3 Strategies Suits Your Global HCM Implementation?

  • by Charles Eubanks, Senior HR and Payroll Project Manager and Consultant
  • October 29, 2010
Use these tips and best practices to choose the right global HCM rollout option – big bang, phased functional, or phased geographic.
Key Concept
Glocal design means that 50 to 75 percent of a rollout is global and key local elements make up the remainder.

Global Human Capital Management (HCM) implementations are becoming more common as companies begin to find more and more ways to use HCM intelligence data worldwide. However, even for the most experienced SAP professionals, the prospect of mobilizing global resources across time zones, countries, and languages for any purpose can be daunting.  

You can decide what the best route is for your organization by reviewing the pros and cons of three typical rollout approaches. I’ll help you define the key success criteria for your implementation.

Types of Implementations

There are three general approaches to a global HCM implementation:

  1. Big bang – all countries/all modules at once with single go-live
  2. Phased by functional area – all countries go live with a small, focused scope of modules
  3. Phased by geographic locations – selected countries phased in by regional clusters or other defined grouping

You can also mix and match strategies from each of these approaches to further meet your organization’s requirements.

Big Bang

A big bang strategy is often the first strategy organizations consider, although it can be a high risk approach depending on size and scope. I recommend that only very small global organizations that are looking for simple data structures or a scope-limited global footprint consider this type of implementation. Organizations typically take several shortcuts to mitigate cost and risk. However, many times they make the following scope and or cost analysis decisions without realizing the full impact on the project management and delivery: 

Charles Eubanks

Charles Eubanks is a senior project manager with more than 12 years of experience implementing SAP HR and Payroll systems globally.

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