Deep-Dive SAP HR Expertise

HR Expert is a premium online library of tips and best practices for all SAP ERP HCM functionality — including personnel administration, payroll, travel management, and recruitment.

What is HR Expert?

HR Expert, from the publisher of SAPinsider, is a trusted online library of independent SAP information that gives you and your team the in-depth, technical, verified information you need to succeed.

It’s packed with comprehensive guidance from experienced SAP customers, the world’s top consultants, and experts at SAP.

With our strict author and article screening process, we can assure that all of the guidance you get from HR Expert is accurate, reliable, and free of sales pitches and hidden agendas.

Why do you need HR Expert?

  • Ensure you don’t waste time searching the web for answers from unreliable sources
  • Make complex SAP activities easier to understand
  • Avoid costly trial-and-error in your SAP ERP HCM environment
  • Stretch budgets by completing projects faster and with fewer problems
  • Boost confidence in your project plans
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors technology
  • Get tips and advice for troubleshooting performance or other issues
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