Quick Tip: Understanding the Inter-Modular Relationships of the SuccessFactors Competency Model

  • by Deepankar Maitra, Senior Manager, Accenture
  • August 25, 2016

Competency is an important attribute of all aspects of a talent-driven process. This quick tip provides an overview of the different parts in a talent-process chain in which competency plays a role. Once you understand the interrelationships of this attribute, its characteristics can be catalogued into a single unified process.

Competencies and jobs are fundamental parts of many HR talent modules. Having a consolidated view of the jobs and competencies in an organization, and creating catalogs that are matched to them, is essential for deriving the full benefit of a competency model. (Catalogue is a SuccessFactors term that denotes the group of jobs and competencies that an organization uses for all its employees.) Jobs, in turn, are related to compensation structures that are indirectly influenced by decisions made by HR departments about how to drive the corporate competency model.

To create a new competency, go to the Employee Central Admin Center screen from the Home menu (Figure 1). Click the Performance Management option and then Manage Competencies. This opens the screen in Figure 2, where you can begin creating new competencies.

Figure 1
Launching competencies from Performance Management in SuccessFactors

Figure 2
Begin creating a new competency

Deepankar Maitra

Deepankar Maitra has more than 25 years of consulting experience specializing in SAP-based solutions for human resources, supply chain, and reporting in multi-national companies around the world. He has successfully directed large implementation projects as solution architect, delivery manager, global lead, and country lead. His expertise lies in pragmatic harmonization of data and synthesis of processes using tools that improve process execution through quantum leaps in productivity.

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11/6/2016 11:34:41 PM

Thank you for the wonderful overview of the Competency Model.
I am eager to know where the migrated Foundation Object in Employee Central: Job Function fits in this Competency Model.
How should the Client utilize Job Functions in EC?
Often Clients complain that they have to perform dual maintenance when it comes to Job Function in EC and Job Family/Job Role in Talent.

Can you please help.

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