Version Check Your SAP ERP HCM Features

  • by Owen McGivney, Senior Consultant, iProCon Ltd.
  • December 6, 2013
Learn how to quickly identify differences in SAP ERP HCM features across your SAP system landscape.

SAP ERP HCM features are user-configurable sets of rules that are typically used to set default values or check eligibility criteria according to business-specific rules. Some features can contain hundreds or even thousands of lines. In systems in which different users are making changes to the same features, it can be easy to lose track of how the development version compares with the version in the production system. As a consequence there is a risk of inadvertently changing the way the production HR system works or of introducing untested and possibly incorrect changes into the production system if transports move in the wrong order. Learn an easy method of comparing features across the system landscape. Any differences can then be easily identified and corrected if required.

System prerequisites: Remote Function Call (RFC) connections between systems in the SAP system landscape are required for this method to work.

In my example scenario I show a version check using feature GLIVE, which is the go-live date used in absence evaluation. This feature is used to set the start date for absence schemes (e.g., sick pay) calculations in payroll.

Owen McGivney

Owen McGivney is a senior consultant at iProCon Ltd., part of the iProCon group, based in London, England. He has worked on implementing SAP HR and payroll systems since 1998. Owen has delivered UK, Irish, and multi-national payroll solutions for a wide range of private- and public-sector clients. He has a special interest in combining ABAP programming with configuration to create innovative and effective solutions.

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2/21/2014 10:15:53 AM
Owen McGivney

Hi Kirsten,

Yes, this is a shortcoming of this approach. I guess the majority of systems I've seen at least have overlapping client numbers (i.e., DEV 100, 200, 300, .. PRD 100) so it's possible to use this method in at least one client by using transaction SCC1 to copy the feature to the corresponding DEV client that matches PRD.

It's technically possible in the dev client to copy the generated feature program to another namespace using transaction SE38 (e.g., copy /1PAPA/FEAT200ENTRY to /1PAPA/FEAT100ENTRY) and then use the remote program comparison. However this is pretty ugly as it's all done in the SAP-generated program namespace, and creates a transport and so I couldn't recommend it.

There is some mileage to be had in going directly to the feature table T549C and listing the entries for feature ENTRY in transaction SE16N. These can be compared with the corresponding lines from PRD in excel manually. It may be possible to extend this by creating your own view for table T549C in transaction SE54, you could then be able to compare the tables remotely using standard functionality (i.e., transaction sm30 use new view for t549c > display > utilities > comparison). I know that some clients have written a bespoke ABAP utility to compare features cross-client using this method.

Hope this helps.


2/21/2014 3:15:07 AM

This sounded very interesting, so I tried it on feature ENTRY that I have recently changed. However, it turns out the report name contains client number. In our system clientnumber differs between dev/test/prod. So this rules out your method for us.

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