3 Best Practices for Reporting GRC Issues to SAP GRC Support

  • by Jayne Gibbon, Director of Customer Care, SAP
  • January 15, 2008
See the best ways to communicate your GRC support issues with the SAP GRC Support team, including what information to present and how to present it.

Less than a year ago, I managed the Compliance Calibrator implementation at a Fortune 200 company and submitted several messages a month to SAP GRC Support. The more issues I had, the more frustrated I became as GRC Support seemed to ask the same questions over and over again. Why couldn’t they just read my prior messages to get this information instead of using delay tactics?

Well, now I’m on the other side of the fence as a director of GRC Support at SAP and I’ve come to learn that there are certain best practices to creating messages that would have streamlined the support process for my issues. Here are some key points to help you in creating your messages in a way that will allow our support team to provide you the fastest support possible.

I’ll show you three key best practices to keep in mind for submitting support messages.

  1. Provide the system landscape on which the error occurs

  2. Show the exact process you followed that caused the error

  3. Open a connection into the system having the problem

Jayne Gibbon

Jayne Gibbon, CPA, has been implementing SAP applications since 1996 and is currently a director in the Chief Customer Office at SAP. Jayne’s focus is making customers successful with their SAP HANA deployments. She has helped more than 100 customers drive business value with SAP HANA. Prior to joining SAP in 2007, Jayne worked for two multinational manufacturing companies based in Wisconsin. While an SAP customer, Jayne led the very first implementation of Virsa’s Compliance Calibrator, which is now part of SAP Access Control. Jayne’s experience includes internal audit; computer security; governance, risk, and compliance; SAP HANA; and SAP analytics.

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