5 Steps to Lower Your IT Costs

  • by Laura Casasanto, Former Managing Editor
  • December 6, 2010
Every IT manager is under pressure to deliver within ever-tightening budgets. But how? Cindy Rasey, a practice manager at Symmetry Corporation, follows a five-step plan that can help you lower your IT organization’s operational costs.

In these days of tighter budgets, any financial cut backs across the business can improve the bottom line and please management. To this end, companies are constantly searching for the best way to lower operational costs while keeping the company productive and successful.

Cindy Rasey is a practice manager at Symmetry Corporation, a consulting company with a full focus on SAP technology. She has spoken at various SAP-focused conferences and has worked with SAP systems for nine years. Rasey follows a five-tiered plan to bring down operational costs in an IT organization. This comprehensive method will help you look into various areas of your business and determine where you can bring savings to your company.

1. Roadmap Business Needs

“This is the place to start when you don’t know what to do first,” Rasey says. When you begin to look at cutting operational costs, start by roadmapping your business’ needs to get a big picture view. Looking across the entire IT organization, it will be easier to see which areas could stand cost reductions.  

Laura Casasanto

Laura Casasanto is a technical editor who served as the managing editor of SCM Expert and Project Expert.

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