A Programmer's Guide to the New Exception-Handling Concept in ABAP

  • by Gerd Kluger, Developer, SAP NetWeaver Foundation ABAP Group, SAP
  • Christoph Wedler, Business Programming Languages Group, SAP
  • September 15, 2002
Errors happen. There are few things more certain than that in software development. Programmers must account for this inevitability and determine what should happen once an error has occurred. This article presents a new exception-handling concept in ABAP that has been introduced with Release 6.10. It provides detailed explanations of how to work with the new exceptions and compares them to the existing error-handling capabilities familiar to many ABAP programmers.

Gerd Kluger

Gerd Kluger studied computer science at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. After receiving his degree, he worked for a company whose main focus was the development of programming languages for business applications. He was responsible for the development of the compiler and programming environment for the object-oriented programming language Eiffel. Gerd joined SAP in 1998, and since then has been working in the SAP NetWeaver Foundation ABAP group. His main responsibility is in the development of ABAP Objects, the new class-based exception concept, and the further development of system interfaces, especially with regard to the file system.

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Christoph Wedler

Christoph Wedler received a degree in computer science from the University of Erlangen, Germany, in 1993. He joined SAP in 1999 and is now a member of the Business Programming Languages Group. Christoph is responsible for the integration of XML into the ABAP language and different parts of the ABAP runtime environment.

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