A Walk Through Ticketing Functionality in SAP Access Control 10.1

  • by Vinay Gupta, Senior Software Engineer, SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.
  • October 23, 2017
The integration of data and processes among different SAP systems has always been challenging and expensive in development. You can dramatically reduce the development effort in system integration by exploring the generic presentation of functions/methods and the generic presentation of parameters in a generic Remote Function Call (RFC).
Learning Objectives

Reading this article, you will learn:

  • What ticketing functionary is
  • How to enable ticketing functionality
  • How to use and track role changes by ticket number
  • Details of the new tab, Ticket Number
  • Use of ticket number functionality in copy role
  • Use of ticket number functionality in mass maintenance
  • Role search using the ticket number
Key Concept

Ticketing functionality gives role designers the ability to attach a ticket number whenever there are changes in role content so that the changes can be traced back in the change history. Users can search roles in the Role Search screen using the ticket number. The ticket number can be used in all methodology phases of a role, role copy, and mass maintenance.

Ticketing functionality enables role designers to attach a ticket number with all role changes so that the changes the role designer made can be traced back to the original change request. After a role designer attaches a ticket number, all the role changes are tagged with this ticket number. This is reflected in the view of the change history of the role. In a business scenario, for example, you may want to change the role approver for roles. You can associate this change in roles with a particular ticket number. Now you can use this ticket number to track role approver changes.

Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta has a total of 10 years of experience in software development. He has worked with large IT companies, such as IBM and SAP Labs. Since 2008 he has been working at SAP Labs and involved in various phases of development and maintenance of SAP Access Control 5.3, 10.0, and 10.1. He has expertise in Business Role Management, Access Risk Analysis, Access Request, migration, and SAP authorization concepts.

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Great article vinay.

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