Access IT Performance Reporting to Extract Performance Data at No Extra Cost

  • by Labinot Bytyqi, Senior Technical Consultant, Solution Manager and Extensions Practice Lead — West Region, SAP America, Inc.
  • January 15, 2009
Learn how to set up IT Performance Reporting so that IT operations can employ a variety of useful reports and metrics.
Key Concept

The SAP Solution Manager Central Performance History (CPH) allows you to store data in the shared memory of the monitored instances longer than the maximum 24-hour limit. With the CPH, you can store data according to your reporting needs with the only limitation being disk capacity. The CPH is easily created during one step of the IT Performance Reporting setup.

SAP Solution Manager 7.0 provides infrastructure that allows you to monitor your entire IT landscape centrally and that reports problems quickly and reliably. You can centrally monitor all of your SAP and non-SAP landscapes with real-time monitoring of system components, business processes, and interfaces, which reduces administration effort.

IT Performance Reporting using SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI) allows IT operations to access different reports for a variety of reasons, including to analyze performance history, to fine tune monitoring, to provide a basis for a capacity management and resources optimization plan, and to analyze trends and forecast potential problems in the medium- and long-term regarding availability, performance, stability, and system resources.

IT Performance Reporting also provides metrics, such as SAP instances availability, dialog response times, CPU utilization, and database growth, contained in selectable reports with selectable time intervals and systems. SAP NetWeaver BI enables IT Performance Reporting in SAP Solution Manager at no extra cost. It is supported by the setup wizard and runs with a minimum total cost of operations.

I will show you benefits of the SAP Solution Manager Central Performance History (CPH). I will then teach you how to access IT Performance Reporting. Finally, I will give you step-by-step directions on how to set up IT Performance Reporting in SAP Solution Manager so that you can take advantage of all these capabilities. First, let’s look at the underlying architecture IT Performance Reporting.

Labinot Bytyqi

Labinot Bytyqi graduated with a degree in computer science and business management and a minor in economics from George Fox University in 2005. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s degree in information technology management. Labinot joined SAP in 2007 as a technical consultant with more than eight years of information technology experience and SAP consulting, particularly in the application lifecycle management area, where he was a lead for an SAP Solution Manager and extensions practice in the West region. Labinot currently is responsible for field services software sales portfolio business development and strategy, as well as for SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA Wily.

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