An Overview of Business-Driven IT Management and Solution Manager

  • by Tim Reimer, Owner, InfoPrag
  • July 12, 2013
Manager/Project Management
Discover business-driven IT management (BDIM), a way of demonstrating the relationship between IT actions and business value. Learn about how it differs from Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and how you can use it in conjunction with Solution Manager to build better relationships between business and IT and get more out of your Solution Manager implementation.
Key Concept

Business-driven IT management (BDIM) is a method of connecting IT management and services with business value. It seeks to measure resource allocation and better trace IT practices to the value generated by different business processes.

SAP Solution Manager has become a part of every SAP landscape. The implementation scenarios are mostly driven by IT services’ needs. In addition, companies are still struggling to understand Solution Manager’s functionality and potential. Because most implementation scenarios are to address internal IT service management issues, implementation funding is always provided as a final line item at budget preparation time. This philosophy means in short that it only is funded if there is money left over. Another problem with many implementation plans is that many components are implemented without an overall strategy in mind. This missing strategy causes Solution Manager to be disconnected from functions within IT as well as within the business.

With most implementation scenarios, the potential contribution to business value is not even considered. The primary implementation purpose is to solve internal IT issues, such as better data on capacity management, better data on performance management, and a more effective way to manage service and change requests. If a Solution Manager implementation would consider the business value that an effective running environment could provide, more funding would be available and the priority for a sound implementation approach would increase.

I’ll show you how Solution Manager provides excellent business value and can help you implement measurement processes to quantify IT’s contribution in terms of generating business value. I’ll introduce a new research area called business-driven IT management (BDIM), which is focused on developing ways to quantify the effects of IT investment and decision making on business value. Following that, I’ll explore BDIM’s relationship with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). In the context of autonomous computing and cloud computing, BDIM develops into an essential discipline to measure resource allocation to business value. Finally, I’ll explore the fit of Solution Manager functionality with the concepts of BDIM. 

Tim Reimer

Tim Reimer is an expert in architecting integration solutions between SAP and third-party applications. These integration solutions require a monitoring platform for which SAP Solution Manager is a perfect fit. Tim has consulted to companies in Canada, the US, and Europe and was recently responsible for SAP Solution Manager in an SAP global roll-out in Europe. His current focus is in assisting companies developing a holistic monitoring and metrics strategy with the objective to measure business value.

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