Approvals on the Go: How to Leverage Mobile Devices for GRC

  • by Jayne Gibbon, Director of Customer Care, SAP
  • February 2, 2012
Today’s business world is moving faster than ever. Approval bottlenecks cost companies money by delaying the ability to address critical business requirements. These bottlenecks include access approvals. The SAP GRC Access Approver application improves the speed at which employees can gain access to systems they need to complete their jobs. Learn how to use this mobile application to manage access requests in your environment.
Key Concept
The SAP GRC Access Approver mobile application enables managers to review and approve time-sensitive and operational-critical access requests, allowing authorized employees to gain access to systems and continue their work in a timely manner.

SAP is making a commitment to provide mobile applications that help companies unwire key tasks so that they can be performed wherever their employees are. There are now 30 different applications available that help companies perform key tasks from their mobile devices. To see all of these solutions, go to the SAP Service Marketplace (registration is required) at and follow menu path Software Downloads > Installations and Upgrades > Browse our Download Catalog > SAP Mobile Solutions. Figure 1 lists all the various mobile applications available. For GRC, the first mobile solution offered is SAP GRC Access Approver.

Figure 1
SAP mobile solutions


Jayne Gibbon

Jayne Gibbon, CPA, has been implementing SAP applications since 1996 and is currently a director in the Chief Customer Office at SAP. Jayne’s focus is making customers successful with their SAP HANA deployments. She has helped more than 100 customers drive business value with SAP HANA. Prior to joining SAP in 2007, Jayne worked for two multinational manufacturing companies based in Wisconsin. While an SAP customer, Jayne led the very first implementation of Virsa’s Compliance Calibrator, which is now part of SAP Access Control. Jayne’s experience includes internal audit; computer security; governance, risk, and compliance; SAP HANA; and SAP analytics.

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