Author Q&A: Yosh Eisbart on Outsourcing SAP Operations

  • by Laura Casasanto, Former Managing Editor
  • September 1, 2010
Yosh Eisbart, a founding principal at NIMBL, a nationally recognized SAP consulting firm, is the author of Outsourcing SAP Operations, released by SAP PRESS. The book describes in detail the considerations surrounding outsourcing, including if outsourcing is right for your company, what processes within your company should be outsourced, what benefits outsourcing could bring you, and most importantly, how you should go about outsourcing your operations. We asked Eisbart some questions to help you decide if outsourcing is the right choice for your company.

What are the current trends in outsourcing?

While the SAP outsourcing arena is constantly evolving, three hot trends seem to be gaining a great deal of customer adoption and resonating within the marketplace:

  • Customers shifting from traditional large SAP Services Integrators (SIs) toward nimble specialized SAP boutiques: Frustrated with the traditional chains associated with the inflexible institutional behemoths, customers are choosing to partner with more agile smaller SAP consultancies which provide more specialized services and customer-centric approaches. Large SIs continue to flourish, but this resourcing/partnering wave has shifted the outsourcing playing field.
  • The proliferation and commoditization of SAP hosting providers: Perhaps one of outsourcing’s most widely known “secrets” – SAP hosting is a cost-effective and powerful solution for outsourcing an organization’s SAP NetWeaver infrastructure (and even potentially more). Until recently, this opportunity was only available for a subset of those “in the know.” Fortunately for customers, however, SAP hosting provider options have grown dramatically over the last several years providing excellent and cost-effective hosting alternatives servicing the entire market spectrum. In fact, with the rise of SAP within the small to midsize market, SAP hosting adoption has really taken off within this cost-conservative market segment.
  • Nearshore and on-shore outsourcing coming front and center: Offsite SAP outsourcing has essentially been synonymous with off-shoring (e.g., Indian-based SAP delivery). Now focused on closer time zones with equivalent or higher levels of quality, both nearshore and on-shore SAP outsourcing offer customers closer geographic proximity along with a tighter cultural fit. Instead of working with SAP consultants halfway around the globe, customers are able to work with myriad SAP partners based across North America or South America. Customers have taken notice and this hot trend continues to pick up momentum.

Laura Casasanto

Laura Casasanto is a technical editor who served as the managing editor of SCM Expert and Project Expert.

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