Automate Your Business Blueprint Using RBPD and the Solution Documentation Assistant in SAP Solution Manager 7.1

  • by Marci Braybrooks, Senior RBE Plus Analyst and Solution Manager Consultant, IBIS America, LLC
  • November 8, 2011
The 7.1 release of SAP Solution Manager introduces a strategic cooperation between SAP and IBIS to deliver an automated approach to reverse business process documentation (RBPD). With this new release, IBIS provides business content for the Solution Documentation Assistant (SDA). It supports a comprehensive analysis of the functional use of SAP ERP systems based on not only transactional processing but also SQL queries that apply an intelligent analysis of customizing, master data, and transaction data statistics to determine the Business Blueprint. The end result is high-quality content applied to reverse business-engineer the process structure for documenting projects and solutions.
Key Concept
The Solution Documentation Assistant (SDA) in SAP Solution Manager provides the functionality to validate the business process structure of a project or solution. Prior to release 7.1, the structure had to preexist, and validation rules or check steps in the SDA Rule Database (other than transaction use) had to be manually created and assigned to the structure. You can evaluate usage statistics captured by EarlyWatch alert reports and transaction ST03N using the check steps to validate the structure.

SAP Solution Manager provides all the functionality necessary for IT service management (ITSM) and application life cycle management (ALM), including solution documentation, change tracking, service desk, monitoring, and implementation tools. The first step to leveraging this functionality is to build the Business Blueprint structure to document the business scenarios, processes, master data, and organizational structure supporting the business.

Prior to SAP Solution Manager 7.1, a pre-defined Business Blueprint was required to check the usage statistics against the structure using the functionality available in the Solution Documentation Assistant (SDA) work center. Only check steps based on transaction usage were automatically created from the project Transaction tab of business processes and process steps. The check steps for organizational units, master data, and qualifying SQL queries for all structure elements had to be established manually.

As of 7.1, the IBIS content for reverse business process documentation (RBPD) is available to automatically create the Business Blueprint for you. The automated Business Blueprint creates a foundation for establishing scope and provides you with an understanding of the underlying organizational and technical base to accelerate project planning. It provides insights into the actual usage of your systems — highlighting the critical and most important business processes, transactions, programs, and functionality — in a fraction of the time it would take in a manual process. The content is available for download by SAP Enterprise Support, SAP Product Support for Large Enterprises (PSLE), and SAP MaxAttention companies, according to the instructions in SAP Note 1591505. You can upload the RBPD content to the SDA and use it in one of two ways: 

  1. To evaluate usage and reverse-document business processes according to a reference structure for SAP ERP (Figure 1).
  2. To evaluate usage according to an existing SAP Solution Manager project. For this option, you need to manually assign the check steps to an SDA analysis project created from the SAP Solution Manager project. However, you can upload the RBPD content and assign it to a new analysis project, at which point the check steps are then available in the Rule Database for use in additional projects. 

Marci Braybrooks

Marci Braybrooks is a senior RBE Plus analyst and Solution Manager consultant for IBIS America, LLC. Marci has more than 25 years of experience in IT, and has worked with SAP systems for more than 14 years. IBIS America, LLC, is the US-based sales, service, and support organization for IBIS Prof. Thome AG, the recognized leader in reverse business engineering (RBE), providing licensed tools and services for RBE Plus analyses to SAP customers worldwide.

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11/13/2013 4:13:32 PM
Marci Braybrooks

Hello Rik,

The timing of RBPD content updates is tied to the release of support packages for the ST-ICO component in Solution Manager (currently SP38).

Check the version release of note 1591505 for RBPD.

Please submit a message to SAP using the Service Marketplace for specific information on IS-OIL content.

Best regards,
Marci Braybrooks
11/7/2013 4:58:11 AM
Rik Vriens (Purple-IT)

Nice article, but do you have any clue whether there will be new zip files coming from IBIS or SAP in te future?
I'm looking for newer content and especially for IS-OILS.
Thanks in advance.
Rik Vriens.

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