Be Proactive with System Monitoring and Central System Administration

  • by Theo van Kaathoven, Senior SAP Solution Manager Consultant, Certifica Automatisering BV
  • July 8, 2010
System monitoring is important to ensure system disturbances are dealt with as soon as possible. It helps you prevent or limit inconveniences and extra costs to your organization. Discover a central and integrated approach to setting up proactive system monitoring using SAP Solution Manager.
Key Concept
SAP application management departments monitor SAP systems and try to prevent or discover system disturbances as soon as possible. To ensure that this team can do its job effectively, system monitoring in SAP Solution Manager must be properly implemented and used.

Every SAP application management team sees system monitoring as a crucial task. However, the system monitoring process at an organization often has room for improvement. Sometimes, errors are discovered late, often by end users. Errors should be discovered early or ideally never occur in the first place. SAP Solution Manager can help you manage this.

You might be thinking to yourself, how does SAP Solution Manager do this and where should I start? What functionality within SAP Solution Manager can I use, and with what purpose? I’ll answer these questions and show you how you can use SAP Solution Manager functionality for system monitoring and central system administration (also known as tasklists in SAP Solution Manager) in a complementary way. I then describe a central and integrated approach you can use to set up proactive system monitoring (including both central system monitoring and central system administration).

Theo van Kaathoven

Theo van Kaathoven is a senior SAP Solution Manager consultant who has worked as an independent consultant for more than 15 years. He has a master’s degree in business administration, and prior to that he finished an IT education on a bachelor level. He is specialized in SAP Solution Manager use for both projects and application management (and their integration). He performed a complete implementation of many of the existing SAP Solution Manager functionality from scratch, up to and including support, for several large companies.

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