Best Practices for Driving SAP Initiatives via an Offsite Delivery Model

  • by Yosh Eisbart, Senior SAP Project Manager/Offsite Delivery Manager
  • April 28, 2009
Learn about the array of SAP offsite delivery methods and discover the importance of the role of an integration manager if you decide to implement one of them.
Key Concept

An offsite delivery is any development support, production support, or combination of SAP services provided outside a company’s physical location. Typically misinterpreted to mean offshore, offsite delivery can be provided in any number of methods, including nearshore, offshore, or collocation.

Once innovative and revolutionary, the use of offsite delivery has become not only a widely accepted practice, but a highly valued delivery alternative. Whether offsite, nearshore, rightshore, hybrid, collocation, or offshore, consultant SAP resources provide an option for implementations and ongoing support. To help you gain a better understanding of some viable options, I discuss two fundamental components involved in offsite delivery: the various offsite models and the pivotal role of the integration manager. After learning what options are available and how to maximize their implementation with the help of an integration manager, you will be better prepared if you choose to establish an offsite delivery model for your organization.

Although the model that guides offsite delivery resources has been widely employed since the middle 1990s, its use and notoriety (both positive and negative) has moved more recently to the forefront of delivery alternatives. In fact, because of the tumultuous economic times and extra sensitivity focused towards cost, opportunities for reducing expenditure are frequently encouraged and promoted by upper management.

Although cost is always a management concern, the tactical ramifications of working with an offsite delivery model creates its own challenges. More specifically, the method to successfully drive and manage SAP projects while using resources not physically located at the company’s site presents unique tests not experienced when production and delivery teams sit side-by-side.

Yosh Eisbart

Yosh Eisbart is an SAP veteran with more than 15 years of experience. He has been involved in global SAP implementations since the days of SAP R/2. Yosh has been instrumental in the architecture, design, rollout, and support of global delivery centers and centers of excellence (COE). Furthermore, Yosh has also played the role of integration manager driving COE activity and production support optimization.

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