Change Diagnostics: It Worked Yesterday, What’s Changed?

  • by Shanthi Sivasubramaniam, Technical Director, Sustain Systems Limited
  • November 16, 2009
/Solution Manager
The next time your system behaves differently, use Change Diagnostics to uncover and analyze what’s changed.
Key Concept

Change Diagnostics, which is part of Solution Manager Diagnostics, provides information about changes that were made to a system landscape and when these changes were made. It provides a change history and a comparison tool so you can compare the technical configurations between systems or time stamps. This helps you quickly identify what has changed in your system landscape from the moment a particular error starts occurring.

How many times have you logged on to a system that worked perfectly fine yesterday, but today the performance of the system is slow and the programs or processes are terminating with errors? Perhaps the program that you were executing is different today in terms of its function or interface, or perhaps an important program is no longer available. In a complex landscape, how do you quickly find out what changes have occurred over the last 24 hours or within a specific time frame? The answer is through Change Diagnostics, which is made up of two components: End-to-End Change Analysis and the Change Reporting application.

End-to-End Change Analysis helps you identify and analyze what changes have occurred in the systems across your landscape according to various change groups for a particular time frame. A related application is Change Reporting, which allows you to compare the technical configuration (e.g., changes to technical parameters between systems or between time stamps). This allows you to identify what has changed and revert to a previous value if necessary.

Shanthi Sivasubramaniam

Shanthi Sivasubramaniam is an independent trainer and consultant based in the United Kingdom with more than 13 years of SAP experience. During this time, she has held positions as a technical consultant and trainer with KPMG Malaysia, Logica, and SAP UK. She has worked on numerous SAP projects in Europe and Asia and has delivered SAP training courses all over Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East, focusing specifically on SAP administration and SAP Solution Manager courses. Shanthi has been working with SAP Solution Manager from the time it was first introduced and has helped numerous customers install and configure the various functionalities available. She has a degree in information technology and business information systems and is an SAP-certified technology professional and associate for platform technology with SAP NetWeaver 7.0, a solution consultant for SAP Solution Manager 7.0 operations, E2E application management expert in Root Cause Analysis, change control management, process integration, and automation optimization, and has a number of other SAP certifications.

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