Choose the Right SAP Training Method by Performing a Training Needs Analysis

  • by AbduNaser Shhub, SAP Trainer
  • February 10, 2012
It is often difficult to decide how to train the SAP user base given your company’s requirements. Walk through an analysis technique that provides a decision matrix to help you make the right decision. The analysis is performed on three sample projects to illuminate how it can vary based on your needs.
Key Concept
Training needs analysis is an exercise that is conducted upon receiving a request for training and prior to engaging in any other training activity. In training needs analysis, you need to establish a training plan and present it for approval.

Selecting the right training method is very important for the success of any SAP training project. A wrong training method can be a recipe for training failure that leads to bad consequences for the organization, including lost money or time.

I will show you a simple technique on how to select the most suitable training method. The technique is based on using a simple formula that is a sum of four components: preference, time, cost, and resources. Stakeholders in training are anyone affected by the rollout of the new SAP functionality. For example, suppose the SAP project is related to SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) functionality, such as automating a service request. The stakeholders in this case are the owners of the process and all employees that can be assigned to the roles of initiator, processor, reviewer, approver, and closure partner.

I’ll consider e-learning and classroom training as the possible methods and assign values to each component based on input data and decision matrix rules. In the model section, I’ll explain the technique in detail. This includes how to use the formula, the two training methods, the decision matrix, and the necessary steps. To demonstrate the model, I’ll show you three examples of projects in the results section. I’ll compare the three projects based on their calculations and show you the effect of changing the number of lessons on the training options. Then I’ll analyze the results and show you how to come to a decision about what recommendation to make.

AbduNaser Shhub

AbduNaser Shhub has more than 15 years of experience in training, teaching, and academic research. He has spent seven years in managing training programs and developing training courses that are related to various SAP modules. He holds a Ph.D, MSc., and a BSc. in nuclear engineering and has four SAP consultant certificates in SAP ERP HCM, SAP CRM, SAP SRM, and SAP SCM.

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