Configure SAP Workflow to Send Purchasing Documents to the Right Approver

  • by Fahim Ahmad, Senior ABAP and Workflow Consultant, Descon Engineering Limited
  • June 27, 2012
Learn how to send purchasing document workflows to the chief position of the creator’s department. To incorporate the logic, SAP has provided an enhancement to place your own code. You can use an SAP ERP HCM organizational structure to get the chief position. You can also write logic to send approvals of purchasing documents to the project manager, who could be a person responsible for a project in the SAP system.
Key Concept
Approvals allow you to push documents through the SAP workflow in an organized way. Using specific code you're able to use approvals to ensure the document reaches the highest position necessary.

You use SAP workflows to send purchasing document releases to someone. For a release code, SAP has provided a fixed position in configuration of a release strategy. You can provide only one SAP ERP HCM position for each release code. If a person of department A creates a purchasing document for a release workflow, approval is sent to some designated HCM position that you configure in transaction code SPRO. SAP also provided an enhancement to write your own logic to find an approver. Using this enhancement, you can send releases more accurately to different people in your organization with one release code.


To configure the release strategy in the SAP system, you also need to configure workflow. For example, you can configure release code 03 for the procurement manager to release purchasing documents. Follow menu path Material Management > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Define release procedures for purchase orders (Figure 1).

Fahim Ahmad

Fahim Ahmad is a senior ABAP consultant for Descon Engineering Ltd. He has master’s degrees in statistics and computer science from the University of Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan. He has 10 years of experience as a software engineer. Fahim specializes in ABAP enhancements and reports, workflow, RFC programming, interfacing, OLE, and SAP Web services configuration and development.

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