Create a Lasting Learning Strategy

  • by Laura Casasanto, Former Managing Editor
  • July 23, 2010
Boosting end user performance is key to getting the most out of your SAP system. To ensure your employees are performing at their peak, you need a comprehensive learning sustainment strategy that addresses your current needs and is flexible enough to adapt to future changes. Joel Spenner of RWD Technologies shares ideas for analyzing your end user performance and building a lasting strategy to help them improve.

Implementing or upgrading an SAP system requires a significant amount of time, effort, and funding. Because of this, it’s easy to view go-live as the finish line — the final milestone and the end of the project. “In essence, however, it’s like the starting gate at a horse race,” says Joel Spenner, a project manager at RWD Technologies. “Go-live means the start of my new world, it does not mean the end of my old world.”

“For many organizations, the goal is to get people proficient with the tool to do what they need to do. Unfortunately, proficiency will differ from one person to another. You want to be able to address where people are struggling, identify what’s causing them to struggle, and address their specific needs while taking the organization or department past transactional proficiency,” says Spenner.

Instead of merely installing a new system and letting employees figure things out on their own, Spenner advises creating a learning sustainment strategy. He suggests using a Performance Optimization Analysis (POA) to guide users through the new processes.

Laura Casasanto

Laura Casasanto is a technical editor who served as the managing editor of SCM Expert and Project Expert.

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