Crossing Transport Request Boundaries with ChaRM

  • by Cristiano Canzone, SAP Solution Manager Consultant, SAP Brazil
  • May 17, 2010
In this primer on the basics of Change Request Management (ChaRM) and how it can benefit your organization, learn how ChaRM controls changes from their creation to the transport and productive systems. Find out how to manage several change projects in complex landscapes using this tool and how SAP moved change management forward by creating ChaRM and giving change teams full control of configuration and development.
Key Concept
Change Request Management (ChaRM) is a solution developed by SAP for both IT administrators and project managers to assist SAP configuration and development teams with change management. Before ChaRM, managers controlled the change flow using several artifacts, such as spreadsheets and email-based workflows. ChaRM centralizes this control in a complete suite of tools, covering access control, change management, promote to production, and a fully functional workflow.
To understand Change Request Management (ChaRM), you first need to know where it fits into SAP Solution Manager. SAP Solution Manager has grown from simply a gateway to SAP support to a complete IT management solution. The tools covered by SAP Solution Manager are divided into three major groups called scenarios (Figure 1). The implementation scenario covers the project design (i.e., Business Blueprint), test planning, training planning, and documentation (using a powerful centralized knowledge warehouse). The optimization scenario covers the changes to the system (e.g., maintenance, enhancements, and bug fixing) as well as Service Desk functions. Change Request Management (ChaRM) is part of the optimization scenario. Finally, the operations scenario covers system management, including monitoring tools for both technical and functional teams, batch processing management, and Root Cause Analysis.

Cristiano Canzone

Cristiano Canzone is an SAP Solution Manager-certified consultant who has worked at SAP Brazil since 2008. In his 12 years of SAP experience, he has also worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM as an SAP Basis-certified consultant. Cristiano is currently the SAP resource responsible for the SAP Solution Manager initiatives at Petrobras, the largest oil company in Latin America. He lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with his wife, who is also an SAP consultant (specialized in SAP ERP HCM).

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