Cut Down on Unnecessary Notifications via Email with Individualized EarlyWatch Alerts

  • by Rohan Parikh, SAP Solution Manager Lead, Centrica Plc
  • February 15, 2011
Learn how to customize the automatic email distribution of your EarlyWatch Alerts in SAP Solution Manager. Go beyond the default functionality of emailing all EarlyWatch Alerts to users and select individual recipients.
Key Concept
The EarlyWatch Alert and its reporting capabilities are designed to notify you of the status of your SAP systems and keep you abreast of any potential issues before they turn into critical problems. The scope of an EarlyWatch Alert is quite substantial and provides regular and easy identification of performance, potential issues or bottlenecks, and monitoring of essential administrative areas of your SAP system. This in turn can be automatically analyzed by SAP, which can inform the customer of any critical problems that are likely to arise, sometimes even before the customer has noticed. The EarlyWatch Alert also provides recommendations for the user to implement.

EarlyWatch Alerts are generated in SAP Solution Manager for the solution monitoring of SAP and non-SAP systems. They are generated in the form of a report with statistics and charts. Generally they are generated weekly in each managed system and you can use them to analyze and avoid problems.

The type of data reported on includes:

  • General component status
  • System configuration
  • Hardware
  • Performance development
  • Security status
  • Average response times
  • Current system load
  • Critical error messages and process interruptions
  • Database administration

EarlyWatch Alerts are integrated with SAP Solution Manager to provide smoother operation of your SAP landscape and bi-directional reporting to the user and SAP. SAP has intended EarlyWatch Alerts to be a strategic functionality in your SAP landscape to provide value by keeping total cost of ownership (TCO) low and the performance of your SAP solution high.

Rohan Parikh

Rohan Parikh is the SAP Solution Manager lead in the SAP Competency Center for the UK’s largest integrated energy company, Centrica Plc. He holds a BSc(Hons) in computer science from King’s College — University of London, and is SAP certified in SAP Solution Manager operations. He has experience across the entire SAP Solution Manager domain but focuses on the landscape and operations management area of SAP Solution Manager. He has practical experience in implementing, configuring, and detailing a tailored SAP Solution Manager roadmap to deliver project-specific, business-related, and operational value from using SAP Solution Manager to its potential. He is enthusiastic about promoting the use of SAP Solution Manager to all end users.

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