Define Test Requirements and Create and Execute Testing Components as Part of Your Automated Testing Solution

  • by Brikena Berisha, Consultant, Application Lifecycle Management, CoreALM Consulting Company
  • August 10, 2011
Learn a step-by-step procedure for defining and transferring test requirements from SAP Solution Manager to SAP Quality Center by HP. Create test components in SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization and execute the test cases in SAP Quality Center.
Key Concept
The business process testing model supports the workflow of the user interface design that allows non-technical experts to work on tests with automation engineers. In doing so, they can design quality assurance tests early in the development cycle that can allow you to maximize the quality and efficiency of the testing process.

An automated testing solution requires configuration and system integration to run smoothly. While this can take a lot of work, the end result is fewer errors, fewer manual procedures, and less cost in fixing system issues. I’ve been showing you how to configure and set up just such an automated testing solution using SAP Solution Manager and other systems, starting with my two previous articles, “Connect SAP Solution Manager to SAP Quality Center as Part of Your Automated Testing Solution” and “Install and Set Up SAP TAO and HP QuickTest Professional as Part of your Automated Testing Solution.”

In the first article, I showed you step by step how to create a project in SAP Solution Manager and SAP Quality Center by HP and how to connect projects to both applications. In the second article, I showed you how to install and configure SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (SAP TAO) on your client and to set up HP QuickTest Professional. I also walked through how to transfer preconfigured components from SAP TAO to SAP Quality Center.

In this article, I will show you how to define and transfer test requirements from SAP Solution Manager to SAP Quality Center and how to create test components through SAP TAO. I also will show you step by step how to execute tests in SAP Quality Center and transfer test results from SAP Quality Center to SAP Solution Manager. 

Brikena Berisha

Brikena Berisha graduated with a degree in finance and international business from California State University of San Bernardino in 2006. She has more than five years of consulting experience in project management, including project implementations and upgrades, testing with SAP Solution Manager 7.0 and 7.1, SAP Quality Center by HP, QTP by HP, and SAP TAO. Brikena is a consultant at CoreALM Consulting Company, specializing in SAP consulting, in particular application lifecycle management, SAP solutions, and third-party solutions that are integrated with SAP Solution Manager.

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