Delete Unused Documents Based on Multiple Filters

  • by Raquel Cunha, Independent SAP Solution Manager Consultant
  • March 23, 2012
Learn how to search for and delete unused SAP Solution Manager documents based on multiple filters besides the existing filter Created By. Discover how to make the deletion process more flexible and easy to use.
Key Concept
SAP Solution Manager has a Knowledge Warehouse in which all the project and solution documentation is stored. From time to time this Knowledge Warehouse must be cleaned and unused documents must be deleted to improve system performance. You can use multiple filters according to your needs to improve the selection and deletion of unused documents.

SAP Solution Manager is widely used for keeping documentation of business processes, configurations, developments, training materials, and test cases in projects and solutions. As many users are not used to completely deleting documents from SAP Solution Manager, but only deleting their links to project and solution business processes structure, all those obsolete and unused documents remain in SAP Solution Manager unnecessarily, consuming storage and affecting performance.

One solution for this situation, explained in detail in my SAPexperts article “Quick Tip: An Easy Way to Delete Unused SAP Solution Manager Documents,” is to periodically run a standard SAP program called SOLMAN_UNUSED_DOCUMENTS, which reads all unused documents from the SAP Solution Manager Knowledge Warehouse and deletes the selected ones.

The standard SAP program SOLMAN_UNUSED_DOCUMENTS has a very simple selection screen in which the user can only select the creator of the document as a filter and the maximum number of entries to be considered when searching for the documents. My experience using this program with companies showed me that this option is sometimes not enough, as users often want more filters so that they can display unused documents by the date of last changes or author of last changes, and then decide whether to delete them or not.

Sometimes a document was created by one person who has since left the company, or who is not responsible for the document changes. Therefore, another user has changed the document, so it may be important to look for documents based on the last changes. It may also be relevant to search for unused documents by document type, especially if obsolete document types were excluded from SAP Solution Manager projects and the user wants to clean the unused documents of those types.

In this article, I show you how to copy the standard SAP program SOLMAN_UNUSED_DOCUMENTS and include three new filters in the selection screen to allow users to search for unused documents using different fields as filters. This step makes the deletion process easier and more flexible for the users. I show you how to include the Last Changed By, Last Changed At, and Document Type fields. Once you have an understanding of these steps, you can make your own changes.

Raquel Cunha

Raquel Cunha is an independent consultant who has worked with SAP solutions in Latin America and Europe since 1998. She started as an ABAP developer and has also worked as an ABAP team leader and HR application consultant. Raquel has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and is certified on ABAP and ITIL V2 and V3. She changed her focus to SAP Solution Manager, with particular emphasis on Service Desk and ChaRM, and has been implementing Solution Manager in four different countries since 2005. Raquel is currently an SAP Mentor.

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