Discover More Options for SAP E-Recruiting with Web Dynpro ABAP

  • by Vinay Naithani, Managing Consultant, HCL-Axon
  • August 6, 2010
See how to use Web Dynpro ABAP with your SAP E-Recruiting component without depending too heavily on technical skills. Configure the start page and different services for internal and external candidates, and adapt your configuration to other Web Dynpro ABAP applications offered in SAP enhancement package 4.
Key Concept
One of the advantages of using a Business Server Page or a Web Dynpro ABAP application is that it provides users with a Web front end. This front end allows you to launch SAP applications, such as SAP E-Recruiting, in a Web browser. This makes the process of carrying out business transactions easier and more intuitive. It replaces the need to log into SAP GUI and remember transaction codes to complete transactions.

As of SAP E-Recruiting 600 SP08, SAP has provided the option to develop user interfaces for candidate scenarios using Web Dynpro ABAP. Candidate scenarios include activities such as maintaining profiles and job searches, applying for jobs, or saving favorites. From an SAP E-Recruiting perspective, there are certain key advantages in using Web Dynpro ABAP. These include:

  • It’s the latest UI technology that other areas of SAP E-Recruiting are adopting. For example, as of SAP enhancement package 4, Web Dynpro ABAP replaces the UI for recruiter’s desktop.
  • Enhanced security because you can separate the front end and the back end and run them on separate systems. This allows you to keep the front end outside of the company firewall, but the back end can be safe behind the firewall.
  • The ability to design and use different application forms or application wizards
  • Functionality to highlight recent jobs or those that need to be filled as quickly as possible
  • Candidates can forward an interesting job posting — found by using the search — to other people
  • Allowing candidates to receive information regularly and automatically about employment opportunities that meet the search criteria that they previously defined

Technically, Web Dynpro ABAP makes it easier for functional consultants and application support personnel with limited programming language to easily adapt applications. These adaptations include:

  • Changing the order in which the different steps appear for a candidate while maintaining a profile or applying for a job (referred to as the Candidate Profile and Application Wizard in SAP E-Recruiting)
  • Hiding or enabling certain fields, delivered as standard. You can also make certain fields mandatory.
  • Removing standard SAP branding such as its logo
  • Changing field labels and text accompanying certain steps
  • Improving user experience, and making it more meaningful and specific to an organization’s recruitment process

Up until SAP enhancement package 3, only candidate scenarios (external and internal candidates) were available in Web Dynpro ABAP. With SAP enhancement package 4, Web Dynpro ABAP replaces Business Server Pages (BSPs) or all roles, including recruiters.

Vinay Naithani

Vinay Naithani is currently working with HCL-Axon as a managing consultant. He has more than seven years of experience working in SAP ERP HCM in areas such as payroll, personnel administration, performance appraisal, enterprise compensation management-recruiting and employee interaction center. He has worked on implementations, global rollouts, and support assignments providing consultancy in SAP ERP HCM. He enjoys learning about new areas of technology and the thrill associated with learning something new every day.

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