Discover the Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Service

  • by Akash Kumar, Technical Consultant, SAP Labs
  • September 15, 2017
Understand the concept of blockchain and explore the services released by SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service that allow users to develop blockchain scenarios.
Learning Objectives

By reading the article you will be able to:

  • Understand blockchain
  • Know the criteria to build a blockchain-based application
  • Gain an update on the recent examples of the blockchain platform
  • Understand how to use SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service
Key Concept

Blockchain has gained traction and momentum with many companies, shifting the focus from theory to practice. SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service helps users to build a holistic solution on blockchain integrated with the SAP landscape.

If you have spent some time reading the latest technology trends and the SAP Roadmap on SAP Cloud Platform, then you have likely heard the term blockchain. The initial application to be developed on the concept of blockchain was Bitcoin for the financial industry.

The heart of blockchain’s potential lies in the unique properties of a distributed database and how it can improve transparency, security, and efficiency. In laymen’s terms, blockchain is a shared, programmable, cryptographically secure trusted ledger. No single user controls it and it can be inspected by anyone. Initially, organizations used the central data repository to support transaction processing and the control of the database resides with the owner. Outsiders were not allowed to update the records and manipulate the database. However, a decrease in cost and advances in software, communications, and encryption allow for a distributed database spanning organizations. 

Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar is an SAP technical consultant specializing in ABAP and HANA. He has 5+ years of experience in design and development of products with corporate organizations such as TCS, RBS, and SAP Labs. He is an active speaker and has organized multiple BarCamps in Delhi, India. He holds a bachelor of technology degree in computer science. He holds a certification in SAP HANA.


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