Discover the Compare and Adjust Functionality Changes in SAP Solution Manager 7.1

  • by Raquel Cunha, Independent SAP Solution Manager Consultant
  • September 23, 2011
Learn how to use SAP Solution Manager 7.1 to run a comparison and adjustment of structure nodes between solutions and projects as well as keep your productive SAP solutions and projects synchronized and up to date.
Key Concept
SAP Solution Manager provides a compare and adjust feature to identify the differences between the structure and business content assigned to a project and its source. Before SAP Solution Manager 7.1, this comparison was available only between a project and another project, a project and a template, or a project and the Business Process Repository (BPR) — but not between a project and a solution. Having this feature valid for solutions can help users adjust their solutions whenever necessary, especially when they create new implementation or upgrade projects using the solution as a source and need to ensure that the solution is updated after the project finishes.

One of the last steps of a project’s go-live phase is the handover of its technical and business process information to operations to be reused in other SAP Solution Manager processes in the following application life cycle phases. The project information is transferred into a productive solution in the Solution Directory and can then be maintained by the production support team. 

A solution is an integration of productive systems, software components, business processes, documentation, and interfaces. It can be used as a source for a new SAP Solution Manager project. It provides the system landscape and business processes structure for scenarios such as system monitoring and business process operations, keeps training documentation, and enables collaboration with SAP Active Global Support. It provides solution information, for instance, for SAP Engagement and Service Delivery sessions, which are services offered by SAP with predefined contents that cover the entire life cycle of the software, from implementation to operation and optimization to upgrade.

I’ll show you how SAP Solution Manager 7.1 allows the comparison and adjustment between projects and solutions, and how to identify changes to any predecessors and successors. This article is based on SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Support Package 01. I’ll start by showing you the differences in functionality between SAP Solution Manager 7.0 and 7.1.

Raquel Cunha

Raquel Cunha is an independent consultant who has worked with SAP solutions in Latin America and Europe since 1998. She started as an ABAP developer and has also worked as an ABAP team leader and HR application consultant. Raquel has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and is certified on ABAP and ITIL V2 and V3. She changed her focus to SAP Solution Manager, with particular emphasis on Service Desk and ChaRM, and has been implementing Solution Manager in four different countries since 2005. Raquel is currently an SAP Mentor.

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