Display the Wage Type Reporter Horizontally and Add Custom Fields Without Modification or Copying

  • by Faisal Altaf, SAP Technical Division Head, Al Yamamah Steel Industries Co.
  • August 30, 2013
Discover how to enhance the standard report Wage Type Reporter (transaction code PC00_M99_CWTR) using implicit enhancement options. Learn how to add custom selection screen objects on the standard selection screen. Get experience adding your own custom program lines in standard code of Generate Subroutine Pool for calling your custom SAP List Viewer (ALV). Learn how to handle a dynamic internal table. See how to add a custom field in a standard report without making any modification or copying the standard report.
Key Concept

Enhancement options allow you to add your own functionality to SAP standard programs without modifying the original code. They resemble plug-ins that you can add or remove any time as per your requirement and your functionality remains the same even after an upgrade from SAP. 

The standard output of the Wage Type Reporter transaction code PC00_M99_CWTR displays the wage type vertically. If you select 10 wage types, the system displays 10 lines for each employee. Other information of the employee such as employee number or employee name repeats 10 times with each wage type as shown in Figure 1. Sometimes getting the required result from this output is difficult. For example, you might want to get the sum of three wage types (/101, /110, and /560) for all employees. In this case you may have to run this report three times, or you have to transfer to Excel for calculations. If you have thousands of employees, scrolling through them is hard. 

Faisal Altaf

Faisal Altaf is a certified development consultant. He has more than seven years of experience and currently is working with Al Yamamah Steel Industries Co., Saudi Arabia, as the SAP technical division head. He completed his MS in software engineering and intends to complete his Ph.D. in the field of SAP.



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