Download Smart Forms with the Data Types Required for Easy Activation After Upload

  • by Muhammad Ramzan, SAP Certified ABAP and NW Portal Development Consultant, Ejada Systems, Saudi Arabia
  • February 17, 2014
SAP Professional Journal
Muhammad Ramzan explains how to get your Smart Form download with all the information it needs so that you can activate it successfully after uploading it to a target system.
Learning Objectives

By reading this article you will learn how to:

  • Download a Smart Form along with the custom data types being used for defining its interface parameters
  • Upload a Smart Form to a system in activating condition
  • Develop plug-in classes for SAPLink
  • Use the SAPLink plug-in classes for the object in the system
  • Use the SAPLink to download a Smart Form in a nugget file
Key Concept

The term template method describes a design pattern. The ZSAPLink class features abstract methods that are called by the SAPLink framework for various purposes.

A Smart Form can be downloaded through standard functionality by following menu item Utilities > download Form of the SMARTFORMS transaction. You can also download it using the open source SAPLink utility. Either way you opt for downloading a Smart Form from the source system, it downloads its layout with local and global interface parameters information. However, along with this information, it does not download the custom data types that are used to declare the variables or parameters of the Smart Form.

Thus, after you upload this Smart Form at the target system, it lacks these custom data types. When you try to activate it, you cannot because the target system lacks the custom data type objects used for declaration of variables in the form interface. Since these custom data types are unknown to the system, errors for these unknown data types will be raised on activating this Smart Form, and the Smart Form remains inactive. The system is not able to generate its preview and the Smart Form remains useless.

To address this issue, I have enhanced the SAPLINK_SMARTFORM class to complement the Smart Form download with the download of all the required custom data types. The result is a new version of SAPLINK_SMARTFORM class.

Muhammad Ramzan

Muhammad Ramzan is an experienced SAP Certified Consultant in ABAP and Portal development. He has more than five years of development experience in SAP. His current affiliation is with EJADA Systems at the Saudi ARAMCO Project in Saudi Arabia. Previously, he was a senior SAP Development Associate in DESCON Engineering Limited in Pakistan, which is a leader in the Engineering & Construction, Chemical, and Power industries. His career experiences in the software development industry as well has made him capable of integrating SAP and non-SAP solutions successfully.

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