Fast Track Your Document Migration into Solution Manager

  • by D. Russell Sloan, Implementation and Governance Specialist — SAP Solution Manager, IBM Global Business Services
  • August 16, 2013
Many organizations want to migrate to using Solution Manager for implementations. As part of this migration, projects often face the challenge of how to get their existing documentation into their Solution Manager system without having to upload documents one at a time. Solution Manager offers a utility that can help by loading business process hierarchy structures, transaction codes, and even documents from Excel spreadsheets directly into Solution Manager.
Key Concept

With the release of SAP Solution Manager 7.1, SAP has provided some handy utilities to help you take advantage of Solution Manager’s implementation capabilities more quickly.The Fill Business Blueprint process in Solution Manager allows you to create a business process hierarchy from an Excel template. From there, you can load many documents at once via a background job by using the Solution Manager-provided Excel template.

Organizations are often faced with the challenge of getting their existing documentation and implementation scope into a Solution Manager project. Transaction code SOLAR01 (Business Blueprint) provides a myriad of capabilities for building a solid business process scope with all the processes, transactions, solution documentation, and other valuable information that describes the SAP solution. What if you have already implemented your SAP system and want to migrate to Solution Manager for future projects, and have all your business documents and scope information stored elsewhere? Rebuilding your scope and loading your documents one at a time manually would be time consuming and burdensome.

Fortunately, the Fill Business Blueprint capabilities in Solution Manager allow you to accelerate the migration of your existing content into your Solution Manager project. Many projects find it easier to capture the initial project in Excel. For this exercise, I am using existing data to build and load the business process hierarchy (BPH) into a Solution Manager project. Once the BPH is built, you can export it and then use the new BPH structure to map and load existing process documents to the Project Documentation tab in the Solution Manager project.

D. Russell Sloan

D. Russell Sloan is a specialist in project and program governance for IBM. He focuses on the use of SAP Solution Manager for global rollout projects for IBM’s largest customers, having worked with SAP software since 1996. Russell has degrees in accounting and information systems and has been a team and project leader for SAP projects for more than 14 years. He has been developing and deploying software systems for over 30 years.

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