Four Work Styles That Can Harm Your Project (and How to Manage Them)

  • by Davin Wilfrid, Former Contributing Editor, SAP Experts
  • February 1, 2009
Every SAP project team is comprised of human beings with their own distinct characteristics, needs, and agendas. Successful SAP project managers find ways to keep those differences from impeding the progress of the project.

Unfortunately, that’s a skill that is typically gained the hard way, says William Ziska of Deloitte Consulting.

“When you think about what project managers are taught in order to be certified, none of this is included,” says Ziska. “They learn how to manage a project planner, how to work a breakdown structure, and how to schedule and run meetings — but not about the challenges they’re going to have managing the people that are going to be involved in these projects. The best project managers are often those who have gotten some scars from dealing with different kinds of people.”

So how does a project manager prevent differences in personality from devolving into multiple personality disorder? A good start is to identify the types of work styles on the team, so that you can form a plan to manage each of them successfully.

Davin Wilfrid

Davin Wilfrid was a writer and editor for SAPinsider and SAP Experts. He contributed case studies and research projects aimed at helping the SAP ecosystem get the most out of their existing technology investments.

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