Gain Real-Time Visibility into End Users with EEM Dashboards

  • by Valton Berisha, Co-Founder, Corealm
  • June 8, 2011
Learn how to deploy SAP End User Experience Monitoring (EEM) scripts in SAP Solution Manager with enhancement package 1. Then see some administrative tasks you can perform based on your requirements before observing the EEM dashboards with real-time data.
Key Concept
SAP End User Experience Monitoring dashboards allow you to monitor your end users’ issues in real time. They show you potential problem areas for different steps, which you can further filter by location and time.

Dashboards have become a popular way to monitor data across all sorts of applications. This is true in SAP Solution Manager as well. SAP End User Experience Monitoring (EEM) allows you to monitor problems your users are having in their work on their SAP system. EEM has dashboard functionality that can help you understand the data in a more intuitive way than in the past.

In my previous two articles, “Configure EEM to Monitor Your End Users’ Application Issues” and “End User Experience Monitoring: A Guide to the Technical Configuration of EEM Scripts,” I showed you how to set up the infrastructure to support EEM in SAP Solution Manager. Now I’ll show you how to deploy the EEM scripts and use the EEM dashboards for real-time visibility into end users.

I’ll continue the steps I laid out in the previous article:

  • Step 1. Install SMD agent 7.2
  • Step 2. Record and edit the ABAP EEM script
  • Step 3. Record and edit the HTTP EEM script
  • Step 4. Deploy ABAP and Java EEM scripts to SMD agents
  • Step 5. Perform EEM administration
  • Step 6. Perform real-time monitoring of the end-user experience dashboard

Let’s pick up where I left off, on step 4.

Valton Berisha

Valton Berisha has more than 15 years of consulting experience in managing, developing, and implementing software solutions, including SAP solutions. He has been associated with several SAP implementations in various capacities. Valton is the co-founder of Corealm Consulting Company, specializing in SAP consulting — in particular, application life cycle management, SAP Solution Manager, and third-party solutions that are integrated with SAP Solution Manager. He is Microsoft, Red Hat Platform, and Novell certified.

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