Generate a Smart Forms Navigator in a Tree Structure with ABAP

  • by Muhammad Ramzan, SAP Certified ABAP and NW Portal Development Consultant, Ejada Systems, Saudi Arabia
  • May 30, 2013
- Use ABAP code to create a utility that allows you to generate a Smart Forms Navigator similar to the Object Navigator, transaction SE80. This code lists all those Smart Forms that have been defined in a package. The list is comprised of a tree structure.
Key Concept

To navigate through all Smart Forms of a specific package, Smart Forms Navigator allows you to see and navigate through all Smart Forms of a specific package. It is similar to the way other objects of a package are available in Object Navigator, transaction SE80. Each Smart Form’s interface parameters, Smart Styles, and graphics are also accompanied within the list.

The Object Navigator provides the ability to navigate through different objects defined in a package in transaction SE80. However, it lacks the ability to display Smart Forms as a child node among the list of other objects under a specified package. An ABAP developer involved in the development of Smart Forms needs this kind of navigator when constructing technical documentation of an SAP implementation or for searching Smart Forms by package.

I’ll show you how to develop a utility that provides a list of all Smart Forms in a package as well as information of its interface parameters, such as import, export, tables, exceptions types, smart styles, and graphics objects. It displays a tree-structured list through which users can navigate. When the user selects a node, the Smart Form specified in that node (or in its parent node) is called and a Display Form screen for that Smart Form appears. The user can step back to the list of Smart Forms by pressing F3 or Esc, or by clicking the back icon on the main toolbar.

I’ll show you the ABAP code you need to develop this utility. All you need is basic ABAP knowledge; there is no third-party tool required.

Muhammad Ramzan

Muhammad Ramzan is an experienced SAP Certified Consultant in ABAP and Portal development. He has more than five years of development experience in SAP. His current affiliation is with EJADA Systems at the Saudi ARAMCO Project in Saudi Arabia. Previously, he was a senior SAP Development Associate in DESCON Engineering Limited in Pakistan, which is a leader in the Engineering & Construction, Chemical, and Power industries. His career experiences in the software development industry as well has made him capable of integrating SAP and non-SAP solutions successfully.

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