Get the Maximum Out of a BRSPACE Online Reorganization

  • by Martin Frauendorfer, Service Architect, Active Global Support, SAP AG
  • February 11, 2010
BRSPACE online reorganizations provide possibilities for tasks such as reduction of fragmentation or adaptation of the tablespace design. For example, you can automatically improve data clustering by sorting table records or activating an index-organized table. Find out which scenarios can benefit from reorganization and then see how you can take BRSPACE to the next level.
Key Concept
BRSPACE is an Oracle database administration tool that SAP provides with a focus on instance management, space management, and segment management. Together with tools such as BRCONNECT, BRBACKUP, BRARCHIVE, BRRESTORE, and BRRECOVER it forms the SAP BR*TOOLS tool kit (see SAP Note 651812). BRSPACE can either be started directly using command line parameters or indirectly using BR*TOOLS Studio (SAP Note 1224432), BRTOOLS, or BRGUI.

A reorganization in the Oracle environment means a recreation of tables and their indexes from scratch based on the data in the existing table. You can achieve significant benefits with reorganizations of single tables or whole tablespaces. These benefits include reduced fragmentation, reduced space allocation, activation of features such as locally managed tablespaces (LMTS) or automatic segment space management (ASSM), and improved data clustering.

However, reorganizations often require major effort because you need to move large amounts of data. Usually a reorganization is much more than starting the reorganization tool and waiting until it is finished. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the current system situation in detail and to judge the benefits before performing the actual reorganization. You may need to spend significantly more time on the preparation than on the reorganization itself.

I describe typical scenarios that benefit from a reorganization so that you can combine several optimization approaches (e.g., reduction of fragmentation, activation of LMTS, and improvement of data clustering) in one reorganization. Furthermore, I also point out when you can convert table structures via a reorganization. This can be useful if you suffer from long-running SAP conversions or if you want to change the table data clustering (e.g., via sorting) to optimize the access performance.

The focus lies on the SAP standard reorganization tool BRSPACE and on the online reorganization functionality that this tool provides. This article is designed for Oracle database administrators in SAP environments that have experience in table or tablespace reorganizations. They should have a thorough understanding of the physical and logical database components such as tablespaces, datafiles, segments, extents, and blocks.

Martin Frauendorfer

Martin Frauendorfer studied computer science at the University of Erlangen, Germany. He joined SAP Support in 1999 and has focused on Oracle-related problems since then. Today he works as a service architect in SAP Solution Operation Support. His main tasks involve supporting large, critical SAP customers who use Oracle databases. Key focus areas are Oracle performance tuning and Oracle administration.

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