Getting Started with BMC AppSight for SAP Client Diagnostics

  • by Tony de Thomasis, SAP Mentor, Solution Manager Practice Lead — Acclimation
  • April 13, 2011
Learn how to download and install BMC AppSight for SAP Client Diagnostics, a tool you can use with SAP Solution Manager Root Cause Analysis. See how this application can play a role in your Root Cause Analysis process, resulting in reduced support costs and faster client-side problem resolution.
Key Concept
End-to-end Root Cause Analysis offers systematic analysis and resolution of incidents for a distributed environment. In early April 2007, BMC AppSight for SAP Client Diagnostics was globally deployed by SAP AG as part of the Solution Support Enablement Package (SEP) extension to SAP Solution Manager. The SEP extension was initially aimed at providing leading-edge multi-technology support for premium support SAP organizations. These days, BMC AppSight for SAP Client Diagnostics is now supplied as a free download with standard maintenance support. You can download the BMC AppSight for SAP Client Diagnostics software from the SAP Service Marketplace.

When a component fails in a complex SAP landscape, the Root Cause Analysis process to identify the offending component can often be very time consuming. In fact, the time taken to perform the following reiterative three-step process normally takes far longer than the actual problem fix (Figure 1):

  • Gather problem information and document it
  • Recreate the problem scenario and environment
  • Analyze the recreated problem to determine its root cause

Figure 1
The Root Cause Analysis iterative process

When performing the Root Cause Analysis process in a complex SAP landscape, you would use one of the following End-to-End Trace Analysis tools integrated into SAP Solution Manager:

  • CA Wily Introscope to analyze problems in the J2EE layer
  • DBACOCKPIT to analyze problems on the database layer
  • Trace analysis using the SAP Client plug-in to analyze functional and component performance issues
  • BMC AppSight for SAP Client Diagnostics to analyze problems in the client side

Tony de Thomasis

Tony de Thomasis has been working with SAP software since 1986. He installed the first SAP R/2 system in Australia for Mobil Oil in 1989. Tony has several years of Basis experience with large companies including National Australia Bank, Telstra, Coles Myer, BHP Billiton, and Australia Post. Tony enjoys SAP NetWeaver system and landscape design, extracting the best out of the database, operating system, disk subsystem, and server platform. He is very keen to virtualize, consolidate, and reduce downtime. Most recently, as an SAP Mentor Tony has taken on an application life cycle management thought leadership role in the SAP community. In his role as NetWeaver Practice Lead for Acclimation, Tony is passionate about deploying SAP Solution Manager as an initiative to reduce support costs, introduce proactive and innovative capability, and manage change. Follow him on Twitter at

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