How SAP Solution Manager Can Lead Your Company to Business Process Excellence

  • by D. Russell Sloan, Implementation and Governance Specialist — SAP Solution Manager, IBM Global Business Services
  • May 4, 2011
Learn how to establish a common language for defining the business in terms of scenario, process, and step. Discover how to leverage the business process hierarchy to describe your processes from end to end across technologies and company boundaries. This improves your ability to more quickly deliver process changes, lower the cost of supporting them, and improve institutional understanding of key business processes.
Key Concept
Business process decomposition is a process by which a business is broken down into successively more specific business activities. It facilitates designing business solutions based on modular business functions that can be combined to provide value to the enterprise and its customers, while also meeting regulatory requirements.

Mastering the art of business process decomposition is key to leading your company to process-oriented management. Using business process decomposition, you can describe your business as a process hierarchy. Understanding the key components of scenario, process, and step in the SAP Solution Manager business process hierarchy (BPH) can enable your organization break down functional silos and understand your enterprise from an end-to-end value chain perspective. This is the first step in improving transparency to change impacts, improving change agility, and driving costs out of your most important business processes.

When leveraging business process decomposition to describe your enterprise, terminology becomes absolutely crucial. I’ll start by explaining the important terminology you need to know for setting up the BPH in SAP Solution Manager, and then I’ll walk you through how to a set up the hierarchy in the SAP system using an example business.

D. Russell Sloan

D. Russell Sloan is a specialist in project and program governance for IBM. He focuses on the use of SAP Solution Manager for global rollout projects for IBM’s largest customers, having worked with SAP software since 1996. Russell has degrees in accounting and information systems and has been a team and project leader for SAP projects for more than 14 years. He has been developing and deploying software systems for over 30 years.

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