How SAP Solution Manager Standards and Procedures Can Prevent Confusion

  • by Doug TenBrock, Jr., Consultant, Enowa Consulting
  • December 10, 2010
Learn the importance of defining SAP Solution Manager standards and procedures, and creating a reference document for all projects. Standards and procedures play an important role when your organization starts a new SAP Solution Manager project and wants to establish SAP Solution Manager as a central source of information. SAP Solution Manager provides different tools that you can use on projects, but if standards and procedures are not well defined and documented, projects have no organized method of using these tools.
Key Concept
By putting in place SAP Solution Manager standards and procedures, you can provide clear direction for your organization’s SAP Solution Manager activities. All project teams should be able to easily reference the standards and procedures document at any time if confusion exists. This document saves time if it’s done right because it paints a picture for each area covered.

Standards and procedures are defined at a company’s discretion to help maintain consistency during projects. When a company’s standards and procedures are in place, all projects must follow the same standards. Various users and project team members need to complete certain steps in SAP Solution Manager when starting a new project. This is not always an easy task because project managers may vary in methodology, which is why you need to take company-wide standards into consideration.

After completing company standards and procedures, make sure to validate that what had been documented is defined well enough for everyone to understand. This document should provide the necessary setup steps for anyone to start and finish a project. Each company should have a group in place to review documentation for meeting project requirements and verify that the documentation is up to date. This ensures that the company’s time spent defining these standards and procedures is valuable for all projects. You will be required to spend some time initially to complete standards and procedures, but they help speed up projects when a clear direction is defined from start to end.

Doug TenBrock, Jr.

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