How Tyson Foods Streamlined Its SAP Financials Training

  • by Davin Wilfrid, Former Contributing Editor, SAP Experts
  • February 1, 2009
Companies that invest in SAP ERP systems expect to realize every advantage offered by such a robust suite of technology. However, buying, customizing, and implementing the technology itself is not enough. Companies must find ways of teaching users how to get the most out of the system.

That is a lesson Tyson Foods learned well after upgrading its SAP system several times over the past decade. Plant and operations managers were happy with the system, but felt they were not capitalizing on all its capabilities.

“Their users could not pull out the information that they needed to see. And they knew there were more bells and whistles in SAP that would help them to manage the company at their locations, but they didn’t know how to do it,” says Andrea Wallace, senior training manager/Accounting Systems, Tyson Foods.

The solution was to create a Center of Functional Excellence that focuses heavily on empowering employees to get the most out of the SAP system. The center now manages an internal Web site devoted to SAP ERP and SAP Financials help topics and offers e-Learning training sessions customized to specific roles within the company. The result is fast, accurate training for SAP users that reduces the need for expensive outside training consultants or a learning management system (LMS).

Davin Wilfrid

Davin Wilfrid was a writer and editor for SAPinsider and SAP Experts. He contributed case studies and research projects aimed at helping the SAP ecosystem get the most out of their existing technology investments.

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