How to Create a Custom Metric to Monitor Email and Fax Transmissions

  • by Jereme Swoboda, SAP Solution Manager and NetWeaver Consultant, NIMBL
  • January 24, 2013
Step through the process of creating two custom metrics: one within Computing Center Management System (CCMS) and one in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Technical Monitoring. These metrics work together to monitor the transmission of faxes and emails. The integration of the two metrics allows for an alert to be sent when failed transmissions are detected.
Key Concept

To successfully implement this process, you must understand the key components used to complete the activation of the monitor: SAPconnect, Computing Center Management System (CCMS), and Technical Monitoring. SAPconnect provides an interface for external communication; it supports sending transmissions via fax, text messages (pager/SMS), email, and X.400, including sending to printers. It allows for external communication components to be connected to a SAP system. CCMS is the original method for monitoring components within a SAP instance. CCMS uses monitoring tree elements (MTEs) to collect data on the current status of a key component. CCMS resides on the specific instance that requires monitoring and requires any desired monitoring to be configured on that instance. Technical Monitoring is the latest monitoring solution via Solution Manager 7.1. It allows for the monitoring of key components across an entire SAP landscape. Solution Manager uses a similar tool: a metric. It includes alerts via email as well as a mobile monitoring app, providing a quicker response to issues.

The successful transmission of emails is an integral part of any business. If a company doesn’t receive an invoice or a supplier doesn’t receive an order, it can cost a business thousands of dollars. The activation of a custom monitor allows for immediate response to the failure of vital business transmissions, providing an indispensable recourse to ensure the communication between customers and vendors remains operational.

I’ll show you a step-by-step process for creating two metrics using two systems, Computing Center Management System (CCMS) and SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Technical Monitoring, so you can be alerted when there are failed transmissions.

To perform this process, you need to be running a Solution Manager 7.1 system.

Step-by-Step Process

Step 1. Create an SAPconnect method using transaction code RZ21 (Figure 1). Select the Method definitions radio button and click the Display overview button in the Methods section (on the server that needs monitoring). In the resulting screen, click the create icon (Figure 2).

Jereme Swoboda

Jereme Swoboda is an experienced SAP Solution Manager and NetWeaver consultant focusing on proactive technical monitoring of SAP and non-SAP systems, supporting critical business processes. He has tremendous experience pairing real-world scenarios with Solution Manager’s Technical Monitoring capabilities. He is an expert at collecting requirements, creating a monitoring strategy, and then putting that strategy to work for SAP customers. Jereme has had the opportunity to work on a variety of platforms for companies large and small integrating Solution Manager 7.1.

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