How to Determine the Change Advisory Board Based on the SAP Component

  • by Prakhar Saxena, SAP Solution Manager SME, Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd.
  • September 7, 2012
Learn how to configure the Solution Manager system to automatically determine the Change Advisory Board (CAB) whenever a new change request is posted in SAP Solution Manager based on the particular SAP component you are using, without any development. Step through the configuration necessary for automatic determination of the CAB, which is a group of change managers who are responsible for approving or rejecting a change request.
Key Concept

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) is a group that supports the change management team by assisting in the assessment and prioritization of changes and approving change requests. Generally it is made up of IT and business representatives that include the change manager, production manager, security manager, technical manager, and subject matter experts. These managers usually have a periodic CAB meeting at which they get the change request creation request, discuss its relevance, and then take the appropriate action on it.

One of the application life cycle management (ALM) features in SAP Solution Manager is Change Request Management (ChaRM), which refers to the complete centralized management of transports using Solution Manager. This means whenever there is a new change it follows a certain pre-defined process or workflow so developers can start building the change, and then document and store it centrally in Solution Manager.

ChaRM helps not only to document but also to transport the changes across the landscape in a controlled manner. Part of the ChaRM process involves the Change Advisory Board (CAB), which is a group of users that helps pass change requests through the system.

Figure 1 shows a typical process in which a requestor logs or creates a new change request that goes for approval to the CAB. Here they decide, categorize, or prioritize the development for this change and conduct a business impact assessment for the change request. Further, a change manager takes the responsibility for it and approves the change request.

Figure 1
A typical example of change request creation and approval

The first step in ChaRM is to create a new change request that is posted by a requester in Solution Manager. If the CAB finds it suitable, it approves the new change request, and if not it rejects it.

Many times the person creating a new change request may not be aware of the identity of the change manager and therefore would like to forward it to the CAB. I’ll focus on how to configure the system to update the change request with the correct CAB group automatically based on the value of the CAB business partner that is filled in the change request. I’ll explore the various steps involved in creating the CAB and determining it automatically in Solution Manager.

Prakhar Saxena

Prakhar Saxena is an SAP Solution Manager-certified consultant with more than six years of experience. He currently works with Capgemini India Pvt Ltd as an SAP Solution Manager SME and is involved with SAP Solution Manager Implementations and upgrades across the world for various clients. He has worked extensively with Project Management, Test Management, Solution Documentation Assistant, Service Desk, and Change Request Management. He has also built proof of concepts (POCs) and demos for various companies around the world.

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