Implement ChaRM "Light" to Ease Your ChaRM Implementation

  • by Theo van Kaathoven, Senior SAP Solution Manager Consultant, Certifica Automatisering BV
  • May 12, 2010
Some people find that Change Request Management (ChaRM) is challenging to implement and requires a lot of effort. Find out how to achieve maximum benefits with less effort by using a strategy I call ChaRM light for your initial implementation.
Key Concept
Change Request Management (ChaRM) light refers to a simplified strategy of implementing ChaRM. By using some functionality in a limited way (e.g., SAP CRM transactions) and using other functionality in a specific way (e.g., the naming of transport requests), you can significantly decrease the time and effort involved with implementing ChaRM.

If your organization has been looking for a specific, efficient way to implement Change Request Management (ChaRM), keep reading. I’ll show you how a strategy that I call ChaRM light allows you to use the functionality of ChaRM — but in a “lighter” way. It’s called ChaRM light for two reasons: because of its implementation style and because of the streamlined way you can use it during operations.

I’ll detail the ChaRM light approach you can take for each of the major parts of ChaRM: I show you ChaRM light implementation decisions and their results, as well as how ChaRM’s use after implementation is lighter compared to a full implementation of ChaRM. I also provide background information about the importance of creating a well-thought-out process related to SAP release and transport management, because this is the foundation for ChaRM (and therefore ChaRM light). In particular, I show how this process can eliminate paperwork (or Microsoft Excel files) on SAP transports and prevent problems related to incomplete or incorrect transports.

Anyone responsible for release management or transport management should read this article, as well as SAP application managers or project managers. An experienced SAP Solution Manager professional can implement ChaRM light for a project or support team within two weeks (which is about less than half the time for a normal ChaRM implementation), provided that the SAP Solution Manager system is installed and up to date (i.e., with at least enhancement package 1 implemented).

Theo van Kaathoven

Theo van Kaathoven is a senior SAP Solution Manager consultant who has worked as an independent consultant for more than 15 years. He has a master’s degree in business administration, and prior to that he finished an IT education on a bachelor level. He is specialized in SAP Solution Manager use for both projects and application management (and their integration). He performed a complete implementation of many of the existing SAP Solution Manager functionality from scratch, up to and including support, for several large companies.

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