Learn the SAP NetWeaver Platform Layer Configuration for GRC Process Control 2.5

  • by Raj Behera, Manager, Regional Implementation Group (RIG), SAP GRC
  • October 15, 2008
Discover the ways SAP GRC Process Control interacts with SAP NetWeaver to give you improved means of analysis and presentation formats, including printing, download, user interface, and graphics features.
Key Concept

SAP GRC Process Control 2.5 is a solution for internal controls management that enables members of audit and internal controls teams to gain better visibility into key business processes and to ensure a high level of reliability in financial statement reporting.

SAP GRC Process Control is open-platform software built to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements. It continuously monitors and reports the activities in enterprise applications. It provides drill-down capabilities to facilitate analysis, to pinpoint the cause of control violations, and to perform remediation, all in real time. In addition, it automatically maintains an audit trail to provide external auditors with comprehensive evidence of compliance.

I’ll give you an example. When a new division at one company merged, the configuration for credit check assignments for sales document types was not set correctly for that division. As a result, new orders were taken without proper credit checks, leading to an increased credit exposure. To ensure this does not happen, you need to set up the control SDCMM_01C1 — credit design sales order level check. There are a number of other things you can set up — if the merger company is from a different country, you can incorporate multiple languages. You can simplify the login process with single sign-on (SSO). You can render graphics in analysis for evaluation and monitoring of the controls and then generate a report in PDF form using the Adobe Document Services (ADS) component, which you can then export to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

I’ll show you how to set up all these features in your system. I’ll discuss the interface of the SAP NetWeaver platform layer to GRC Process Control. GRC Process Control uses SAP NetWeaver Business Client as a user interface (UI), Excel for document download, analytics dashboard with the Internet Graphics Server (IGS) component for graphical display, and ADS for printing. I’ll start with the installation and configuration of SAP NetWeaver Business Client.

Raj Behera

Raj Behera is a manager for the Regional Implementation Group (RIG) at SAP GRC. Prior to joining SAP, Raj worked at Virsa Systems as a key developer for the Access Control application. Since moving to the RIG team, he has helped in hundreds of implementations in the SAP BusinessObjects applications such as SAP BusinessObjects Access Control and SAP BusinessObjects Process Control. Raj has 12 years of experience in SAP consulting in the development and technology areas. He has a master’s degree in engineering management from San Jose State University.

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