Leveraging SAP HANA Cloud Integration

  • by Udo Paltzer, Product Manager, SAP HANA Cloud Integration and SAP Financial Services Network, SAP SE
  • Sindhu Gangadharan, Vice President and Head of Product Management, SAP SE
  • March 24, 2015
See how to use SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI) including SAP’s predefined integration content. You can configure and run a cloud integration scenario in just a few steps.
Learning Objectives

After reading this article you will:

  • Understand the main use cases and scenarios of SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI)
  • Know how to configure an end-to-end integration scenario via SAP HCI using pre-packaged integration content
  • Understand the key capabilities of SAP HCI
Key Concept

SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) is an integration platform that provides the key capabilities that an enterprise integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) typically has. It integrates SAP cloud applications such as SuccessFactors, SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C), globalization scenarios for the integration of legal authorities, SAP Financial Services Network (FSN), and Ariba.

SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI) is SAP’s cloud integration offering that significantly simplifies the needs of integration in the cloud. With SAP HCI you are able to integrate a cloud application with an on-premise application in a few steps, and then leverage predefined integration content from SAP’s integration content catalog. You don’t have to set up and maintain an on-premise integration system. SAP HCI is not limited to integration content pre-defined by SAP, but is also open for integration content developed and delivered by a wide ecosystem of partners. SAP HCI is a full-blown integration platform, with which you can implement any integration scenario, including the integration of non-SAP, on-premise, or in the cloud systems.

We explain how to do this with the following sample integration scenario. An enterprise already leverages SAP ERP HCM on-premise and now wants to use SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS). The company wants to raise the productivity of employees through training courses and to increase talent within the company. The training procedures are done with the help of the SuccessFactors solution.

Udo Paltzer

Dr. Udo Paltzer has worked as a product manager on integration topics at SAP for 14 years. Udo has detailed knowledge about SAP’s on premise integration platform and SAP Process Integration. During the last three years Udo focused on SAP’s Integration as a Service (IPaaS) offering – SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI). As product manager Udo loves working together with customers and is committed to helping SAP customers succeed in their integration journey. One of the key tasks for Udo as product manager is to conduct presentations and workshops with deep dive hands-on sessions in order to train and educate customers on the key scenarios, capabilities, and benefits of an open source-based integration platform. Udo gives presentations and product trainings regularly on individual basis as well as at global SAP events around the globe.


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Sindhu Gangadharan

Sindhu Gangadharan is a vice president and heads up product management for three strategic integration products at SAP, namely: SAP HANA Cloud Integration, SAP Financial Services Network, and SAP Process Integration. Sindhu has been working in the integration space for the last 16 years and is well known in the SAP ecosystem. She is a regular speaker at key technical events across the world and is seen as a thought leader in the integration space. At SAP Sindhu works with a team of product owners to help drive the Cloud integration strategy and the definition of the product roadmaps. Sindhu is from India but has lived in Germany for the last 14 years with her husband and two beautiful daughters.


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