New SAP BusinessObjects Functionality Streamlines Data Migration

  • by Ramesh Kannan, SAP Security/Basis Manager CTS
  • August 23, 2016
Follow this consolidated procedure to migrate SAP BusinessObjects from its source data center to a target data center environment. Easily understand what’s required for an SAP BusinessObjects migration.
Learning Objectives

Reading this article, you will learn:

  • An easier process for an SAP BusinessObjects migration
  • How to plan ahead for a migration
Key Concept

SAP BusinessObjects BI (also known as BO or BOBJ) is a suite of front-end applications that allows business users to view, sort, and analyze business intelligence data. Previous versions of SAP BusinessObjects used the Upgrade Management Tool (UMT) for migrations. It was a very tedious process. With the latest version, SAP BusinessObjects 4.1, you can use Promotion Management to promote, for example, Query as a Web Service (QaaWS). This approach saves time and effort if your source and target servers are on either a Windows or Unix platform.

Migrating SAP BusinessObjects BI is not an easy task. One of our customers recently migrated SAP BusinessObjects from a data center located in one country to one in another country and we faced lots of issues. Initially we didn’t know how to start the SAP BusinessObjects migration project. The path became clearer when we read through various SAP Notes and documentation, but there was no single documentation source that gave us an overall picture. Thus, this article was born.

Ramesh Kannan

Ramesh Kannan has over 20 years of information technology experience in SAP consulting, and specializes in SAP Cyber Security, SAP NetWeaver, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP BI, and SAP Data Services products. He also has extensive experience in migration, upgrades, and Unicode conversions. Ramesh has worked with clients such as Shell in Europe (The Netherlands and France) and the UK, and other oil & gas companies in the US. Ramesh has a bachelor's degree in engineering (computer science) and a post-graduate diploma in business management.

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11/4/2016 12:01:42 PM
Elina Ray

This article has been very helpful to us and our organization. I wanted to personally thank Mr. Ramesh Kannan. I have been working on a BOBJ-BI migration and I can say that the Promotion Management is highly technical. We followed this and did not have any issues migrating BOBJ BI. We migrated our Sandbox, Development, Quality, Quality2 and Production Server within a span of 2-3 months.

I just copy pasted the entire scenario for our migration and it went off without a hitch. Moreover, this article is very good for those who are doing the migration for the first time. We saved quite a lot as our BOBJ server was still in the old data center and we had to pay both at the old and the new data centers. Thanks again.

Keep up the good work.

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