Optimize Your Software Change Process with Quality Gates

  • by Prakhar Saxena, SAP Solution Manager SME, Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd.
  • March 24, 2010
Learn how to configure Quality Gate Management, which gives an integrated and consistent overview of all changes implemented in an SAP solution for all operational units in a company. Learn the basics of Quality Gate Management and its configuration steps as well as the corresponding Change Management Work Center interface features.
Key Concept
A quality gate is a point in the life cycle of changes happening across a system landscape where changes wait for the approval of the change manager and change advisory board to move ahead. A quality gate is used for controlling changes before they are released to the next level and also to ensure deadlines are met.

Today, most organizations have multiple system landscapes that frequently change. It is often difficult to keep track of these software changes. Imagine a tool capable of tracking system changes and generating a detailed report that covers all the changes happening in the landscape: Quality Gate Management is that tool.

Quality Gate Management, which is included in SAP Solution Manager 7.0 enhancement package 1, helps you achieve a full overview of all changes implemented in your company’s system landscape. It provides a detailed report covering all the changes that occur across the landscape, including information such as the change owner and source system. Within Quality Gate Management, quality gates control the change flow across the system landscape, which helps your company maintain change transparency.

You can use this tool during a project implementation to keep track of the frequent changes happening in the system. You can even create particular milestones per your project’s specifications and deadlines. The quality gates are monitored by the quality manager and a quality advisory board (which can be one individual or multiple people) who are responsible for moving changes across the system landscape so that only correct and required changes will go to the production system. I’ll show you the prerequisites and configuration steps involved in accessing Quality Gate Management, its interface, and its use. I’ll also review the Change Management Work Center and how it relates to Quality Gate Management.

Prakhar Saxena

Prakhar Saxena is an SAP Solution Manager-certified consultant with more than six years of experience. He currently works with Capgemini India Pvt Ltd as an SAP Solution Manager SME and is involved with SAP Solution Manager Implementations and upgrades across the world for various clients. He has worked extensively with Project Management, Test Management, Solution Documentation Assistant, Service Desk, and Change Request Management. He has also built proof of concepts (POCs) and demos for various companies around the world.

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