Overcome Offsite Delivery Challenges and Improve Productivity

  • by Yosh Eisbart, Senior SAP Project Manager/Offsite Delivery Manager
  • September 9, 2009
Manager/IT/Project Management
Learn how you can maximize your offsite delivery capabilities using both SAP Solution Manager and work tracking tools, such as VersionOne and Microsoft Project.
Key Concept
Nearshore delivery involves offsite consulting that is geographically closer to a client’s location providing tighter time zone as well as cultural and communication alignment. Offshore delivery is a lower cost, more commoditized offsite delivery model touting value and delivery speed. Hybrid delivery is the offsite delivery model that blends both onsite and offsite SAP delivery services, providing lower overall delivery risk but higher costs than pure offsite SAP delivery.

Working with an offsite SAP delivery mechanism can be challenging. With remote support services, potential time zone issues, and possible cultural and communication differences, optimizing the overall organizational delivery can provide additional obstacles. Some delivery obstacles — such as the recycling of ABAP development objects due to misunderstanding caused by distance, or missed delivery dates due to the lack of 100% accurate functional specifications — exist as real-life delivery challenges facing organizations interested in using offsite SAP delivery.

However, by properly defining delivery service level agreements (SLAs) and change management procedures through the integration of management and operational tools, you can optimize your remote SAP services mechanism to change overall productivity dramatically. In fact, many tools (both SAP and non-SAP) can assist in optimizing your operational services.

I discuss several tools that help your organization drive SAP initiatives via an offsite delivery model. These tools include the central system administration (CSA) and central system monitoring in SAP Solution Manager as well as non-SAP work productivity tools, such as VersionOne and Microsoft Project. Because these tools provide an operational administration framework and standards, using them can provide insight and reporting into the activities that your SAP offsite delivery mechanism is performing.

Yosh Eisbart

Yosh Eisbart is an SAP veteran with more than 15 years of experience. He has been involved in global SAP implementations since the days of SAP R/2. Yosh has been instrumental in the architecture, design, rollout, and support of global delivery centers and centers of excellence (COE). Furthermore, Yosh has also played the role of integration manager driving COE activity and production support optimization.

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